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Positive Behaviors & Intervention Supports (PBIS)

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Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) 

There is a shared commitment among the faculty and staff to create a school climate characterized by people who are responsible, respectful and safe. Toward this end, we have implemented a PBIS system, based on the notion of proactively teaching and reinforcing desirable student behaviors (responsible, respectful and safe), rather than merely reacting to inappropriate student behavior after it occurs.

The major objective of the Riverdale Grade School PBIS Program is to promote behavior that will enable the student to develop personal responsibility and self-discipline in order to be a productive and engaged student. School-wide classroom lessons referred to as “teach-tos” have been developed as a part of our school-wide PBIS program. We strive to teach students the expected behaviors in all areas of the school. We also seek to recognize great learning behaviors with “Falcon Feathers,” or written acknowledgements.

Falcon Feathers

Teachers and staff are watching for students who are displaying behavior that is responsible, respectful and/or safe. Also this new this year, staff will be focusing on teaching and recognizing the Habits of Mind. When students are observed demonstrating the Habits of Mind or behaving in a responsible, respectful and safe manner they may receive a Falcon Feather. Students turn their copy of the Falcon Feather in to the main office.

Discover more about our PBIS system, including acknowledgements, responses to behaviors and prevention in the document below.

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